Welcome to Mount Meru Flowers Ltd.

We are a cut flower farm situated near Mount Meru (Arusha, Tanzania) at an altitude of 1400M. The abundance of sunshine during daylight hours with cool winds blowing off the slopes of Mount Meru at night thus gives Mount Meru Flower's excellent growing conditions for top quality flowers. We export over 60 million stems a year to different contries in the world.

Mount Meru Flowers Ltd is devoted to high quality in all aspects and is a very modern and advanced flower growing organization. Most advanced equipment and technology are used based on up to date knowledge from top Dutch and African flower growers and breeders.

The geostrategical position of Arusha is excellent, far more so than any other farms in East Africa. Mount Meru Flowers has within its reach 3 airports, thus making flower exports easier. These airports are Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.

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Every single stem is grown using the latest environmentally-friendly methods – so we can bring you the very best flowers while doing the best for our planet.