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We are a cut flower farm located near "Mount Meru" Arusha, Tanzania at an altitude of 1400M. The abundance of sunshine during daylight hours with cool winds blowing off the slopes of Mount Meru at night gives Mount Meru Flower's excellent growing conditions for top quality flowers. We export over 60 million stems a year to different countries in the world.


Every single stem is grown using the latest environmentally-friendly methods so we can bring you the very best flowers while doing the best for our planet.

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Access to three International Airports in proximity to us gives us the flexibility required to deliver fresh cut flowers to the auction or directly to the buyer at any time.

Quality Grading

We consider cut flower qualities like shape and size of the flower bud, turgidity, vase life, condition of the calyx, development, and condition of foliage, and more…

Our Support Team

Our team consists of top growers and support staff available in working hours to respond to your enquiry and questions. It is our pleasure to serve you!


Bouquet fillers

The Most Viewed Varieties

Dekora Image


Color: Straight Pink



Color: Orange

Pumpkin Image


Color: Orange

Tropical Amazon Image

Tropical Amazon

Color: Orange

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