Who we Are?

Mount Meru Flowers Limited is an International Business Company (Company No.: 33315) Incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania. Our head office is located on Arusha, FARM 105/1/1 (Chama – between Arusha and Tengeru) Nduruma Village, Arumeru District with two sister farms Tengeru Flowers and TFL Mungushi inside Arusha. Reach us by Phone / WhatsApp +255 765 908 588.

We are a grower and exporter of over 40 varieties of spray and single head roses. Our farms are located in Northern Tanzania in the Arusha region.The roses are grown in green houses spanning more than 70 Hectares at an altitude of 1400m above sea level, giving rise to exceptionally high quality T-Hybrid roses. We export over 50 million stems a year to 25 different countries around the world. The Mount Meru Flowers brand is very well known in the Flower Industry and we continue to be the preferred supplier to our customers. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality flowers with exceptional customer service.

Technologies and Facilities in Use


  • 7,5 m height at ridge and 5,0 m gutter height for optimum air circulation, temperature and humidity control.
  • Large moveable roof vents for the above reasons.
  • Ventilation fans in all greenhouses for continuous air movement, if necessary.

Growing tables and substrate

  • Mount Meru Flowers developed open steel tables, thus providing adequate ventilation for the plants.
  • High quality Mapal troughs containing an optimum substrate mix of coco peat and murram (volcanic substrate) for best water and nutritional retention, drainage and aeration of the roots.


Only the most advanced and reliable drip irrigation system allowing uniform watering and fertilizer distribution was chosen to be suitable for Mount Meru Flowers. Netafim provided turnkey solutions, which forms an integral part of the farm together with a Priva computer encompassing a climate and fertigation control system.

Grading and Transportation


The grading hall has some special qualities; it is manufactured by Fill in Austria and equipped by Geerlofs of Holland. First is the reception area where the flowers are counted, inspected and then moved to the pre-cooling area maintained at 15 °C. After 2 to 3 hours the flowers are then taken into to the grading hall at a temperature of 18 to 19 °C for grading. This process is done by experienced staff that work on the ergonomic tables using accurate equipment under strict supervision by the senior graders.

There after our flowers are kept in cold store at a temperature between 2 and 3 °C. This is made possible using automatic closing doors which minimize any temperature losses. Special spraying devices using ionizers have also been installed to prevent against any undesirable fungus attacks. Hygiene is paid high attention through the whole work chain.

Thus allowing Mount Meru Flowers the foundation to produce high and uniform quality bunches of roses, which the organisation is very proud to be associated with until now.

If in spite of all these precautions you find quality is not up to standard the farm will replace every bunch! Or reimburse your money.


A cold chain is only as strong as all the components it is made up of. The perfect cold chain starts from the delivery of the roses to the grading hall to delivery to the airport. Mount Meru Flowers has completed this cold chain by investing in a fleet of Mercedes Trucks. The trucks are perfectly insulated and have a monitored temperature of around 5°C. Our regular shipments of flowers are accompanied by data loggers recording the temperature and humidity every 10 minutes until unpacking at their final destination. At every stage of the cold chain temperature information is maintained and logged thus contributing to the professionalism in which the "cold chain" has been handled.

3 Airports which are available for use by Mount Meru Flowers are as follows:

  1. Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania, "HOME" situated ONLY 45 minutes from the farm, which offers daily KLM and other flights, which depart at night arriving the next morning at Amsterdam, right to the doors of Flora Holland, the world's biggest flower auction of imported roses.
  2. Dar-es-Salaam International Airport, Tanzania, has direct connections to Amsterdam, Dubai and other worldwide destinations.
  3. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya, the biggest airport in the East African region, also offers many flights to worldwide destinations within the flower industry.

The access of the three International Airports in proximity to Mount Meru Flowers gives the company the flexibility required to be able to deliver fresh cut flowers to the auction or directly to the buyer at any time.

Mount Meru Flowers use internationally experienced forwarders like Kuehne Nagel, Flowerwings, Hellman or Total Touch to transport their flowers, thus ensuring that the flowers arrive FRESH at their destination.

Any Other Question?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • office@mount-meru-flowers.com
  • Phone / WhatsApp +255 765 908 588