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Only the most advanced and reliable drip irrigation system allowing uniform watering and fertilizer distribution was chosen to be suitable for Mount Meru Flowers. Netafim provided turnkey solutions, which form an integral part of the farm together with a Priva computer encompassing a climate and fertigation control system.

Priva monitors climate, temperature, humidity, light in, wind speed outside and inside the greenhouses, water consumption, fertilizer injection, and initiates the moveable vents and fertigation application rates accordingly. Netafim’s complete working turnkey system provides not only a reliable fertigation supply but also a 100% uniform application of water through the drip irrigation system using the compensated Uniram dripper system.

A secure fertigation solution application is also guaranteed by using the so-called day-tank-solution method based on Dutch grower’s experience. Not only for economic but also for environmental purposes drain water is recycled and then treated perfectly by the BACTOKILL-UV disinfection unit.

Growing tables and substrate

Mount Meru Flowers developed open steel tables, thus providing adequate ventilation for the plants. High-quality Mapal troughs containing an optimum substrate mix of coco peat and murram (volcanic substrate) for the best water and nutritional retention, drainage, and aeration of the roots.


7,5 m height at ridge and 5,0 m gutter height for optimum air circulation, temperature, and humidity control. Large moveable roof vents for the above reasons. Ventilation fans in all greenhouses for continuous air movement, if necessary.